Paarul Shah. Author of The Oxbridge Formula

Aspiring to an Oxbridge Education?

Do you have high hopes for your child's education?

Want to do everything in your power to ensure they put together the best application for Oxford and Cambridge?

Confused about the ever-changing application process, and want a single resource that will explain the whole process to you?

I (with my two co-authors) have put into this book everything I know from 10 years' of getting students into Oxford for Maths, Physics, Engineering, Computer Science... and more!

"I love this book. I wish The Oxbridge Formula was available years ago. It is ideal for any parent or teacher who is wanting to support their child through to Oxbridge, or, frankly, any Russell Group universities. I consider myself relatively experienced in this world of Oxbridge applications...I went to Oxford and have given talks at Oxford. Yet, I have learned so much from reading this book."

Katharine Birbalsingh CBE

Headmistress and renowned educationalist

What’s Inside ?

The Oxbridge Formula is a comprehensive, easy-to-read guide, decoding the notoriously complex process of applying for STEM courses at Oxford and Cambridge. Defying the one-size-fits-all approach of other Oxbridge guides, the book hones in on the unique requirements of applying for quantitative courses such as Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering, Physics, Natural Sciences, Economics and PPE.

Choosing your subject

Perfecting your personal statement

Acing your admissions tests

Nailing your Oxbridge interview


Pages enhanced by lots of
insights and tips to make your Oxbridge application as successful as possible



Students and Parents have already taken advantage of the Oxbridge Formula in the 2021 entry cycle

About the authors

Paarul Shah


Paarul is a First-class Oxford Maths Graduate, Qualified teacher with ten years' experience in the independent sector mentoring Oxbridge STEM applicants and Founder of The Oxbridge Formula Academy.

Chris Parker


Chris is a First-class Master's Graduate from Oxford, Senior Tutor at The Oxbridge Formula Academy, with a proven track record of getting students into Oxbridge for Maths, Computer Science, Physics and Engineering.

Jess Grindlay


Jess is Maths and Philosophy Student at St. Hilda's College Oxford. A passionate writer, and alumna of The Oxbridge Formula Academy, Jess has used her on-the-ground experience as a student to make this book highly relevant to aspiring students.

"This is an excellent one-stop guide to applying to Oxford or Cambridge particularly for STEM subjects. I am the principal of a top-performing sixth form which regularly gets large numbers to Oxbridge, and I found lots in here that will be useful for me, for teachers and for students. Every serious Oxbridge applicant should get this book, and every school library should have it."
John Rubinstein

Principal, Woodhouse College

"Before reading this book, I thought I had seen most of the resources there were to see for Cambridge admissions but to say I was wrong was an understatement! From the exact pass mark for the admissions tests to example interview scripts, The Oxbridge Formula covers every aspect of the Oxbridge admissions there is to know. "

Aspiring Natural Sciences Cambridge Applicant

"The Oxbridge Formula not only provided me with information, but also huge levels of motivation to be able to achieve the goals I had set in place for myself, meaning it is also great for encouragement! The book helped to calm any nerves I had around Cambridge and view the process (particularly the interviews) more open-mindedly. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!"

Aspiring Computer Science Cambridge Applicant

Get on the path of Oxbridge success, now!

In The Oxbridge Formula, you can expect 517 pages brimming with comprehensive yet digestible advice, including annotated personal statements and interview transcripts, detailed information on how to approach admissions tests, wider reading recommendations, statistics on application success, and character profiles that analyse different preparation techniques, traps to avoid and what makes for a successful candidate. 

But it doesn’t stop there: the book covers everything from course choice, to insight into workload and content, to a day-in-the-life of an Oxbridge undergraduate.