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The Problem with Generic Oxbridge Advice

You’re a smart, hardworking student with high academic aspirations for yourself.

Being able to study at Oxford or Cambridge would be a dream come true.

You’d like to study a STEM subject...or perhaps something related to economics

But The Oxbridge application is a minefield, with lots of moving parts: personal statement, admissions test, interview...

And you come to realise that much of the generic advice you’re receiving about applying to Oxbridge, such as “reading widely” doesn't necessarily apply to the subject YOU’RE interested in.

It seems as though much of the advice out there is aimed at arts and humanities applicants.

You’re desperately searching for a source of reliable advice on applying to Oxbridge for your subject.

Advice written by those who have gone through the application process successfully and have helped hundreds of students get into Oxbridge successfully.

Luckily for you, we felt exactly the same way when we were applying to Oxbridge, all those years ago.

And we decided to write a book to demystify the entire process:

The Oxbridge Formula

The ONLY book you need to understand the ins and outs of applying for:

Maths Computer Science Physics Engineering Physical Natural Science Economics PPE… and more!

"I love this book. I wish The Oxbridge Formula was available years ago. It is ideal for any parent or teacher who is wanting to support their child through to Oxbridge, or, frankly, any Russell Group universities.

"I consider myself relatively experienced in this world of Oxbridge applications... I went to Oxford and have given talks at Oxford. Yet, I have learned so much from reading this book."
Katharine Birbalsingh CBE
Headmistress and renowned educationalist
"This is an excellent one-stop guide to applying to Oxford or Cambridge particularly for STEM subjects. I am the principal of a top-performing sixth form which regularly gets large numbers to Oxbridge, and I found lots in here that will be useful for me, for teachers and for students.

"Every serious Oxbridge applicant should get this book, and every school library should have it."
John Rubinstein
Principal, Woodhouse College

Our Mission

I’m Paarul, one of the authors of The Oxbridge Formula, and founder of The Oxbridge Formula Academy.

As a former Oxbridge STEM mentor in leading independent schools and a first class Oxford Maths graduate, I am on a mission to help 10,000 young people study STEM subjects at the very top universities in the UK.

Our book, The Oxbridge Formula, is the #1 recommend resource for students and parents wishing to understand every part of the Oxbridge application.

Reading this book will equip you with the knowledge and foresight to make the most competitive application possible.

What's included?

The intangibles
• The Oxbridge Formula
• What ability, passion and potential are—and what they’re not.

The courses
• In-depth descriptions of all the degree courses
• An insight into the differences between them
• How do your A Levels compare to what you’ll do at uni?
• Qualities that might make you suited to each course
• Oxford vs. Cambridge: whose course will you choose?

Personal Statements
• Applicant profiles: mistakes to avoid and examples to follow
• Tips and resources to develop the intangibles
• Personal statements of current Oxbridge students, critiqued
• Books to read to enhance your application

Admissions Tests
• Admissions test essentials
• Extensive test preparation strategies
• On-the-day exam techniques

• Resources to help you shine at interview
• Realistic sample interview questions
• Mock interview scripts with analysis

The next steps
• How to prepare for your first year at Oxbridge!

Don't just take our word for it...

Here’s what real students and parents said about The Oxbridge Formula:

About the authors



Paarul is a First-class Oxford Maths Graduate, Qualified teacher with ten years' experience in the independent sector mentoring Oxbridge STEM applicants and Founder of The Oxbridge Formula Academy.



Jess is Maths and Philosophy Student at St. Hilda's College Oxford. A passionate writer, and alumna of The Oxbridge Formula Academy, Jess has used her on-the-ground experience as a student to make this book highly relevant to aspiring students.



Chris is a First-class Master's Graduate from Oxford, Senior Tutor at The Oxbridge Formula Academy, with a proven track record of getting students into Oxbridge for Maths, Computer Science, Physics and Engineering.
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